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Eide Marine Contractors (EMC) is owned 50/50 percent by Meidell AS (Gerhard Meidell Alsaker) and Cerepta AS (Georg Eide). EMC´s purpose is to operate barges, cranes and tugs. The company lease and operate a range of floating cranes, large flattop barges from Meidell Ship Holding AS. Both parties has agreed that EMC will be taken… View Article —1. June - 2017

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Eide Marine Contractors up and running

Gerhard Meidell Alsaker and Georg Eide has jointly established the company Eide Marine Contractors AS which will operate floating cranes, tugs and barges.  Eide Marine Contractors offers services within maritime inshore activities as well as salvage. We will continue with the expertise of the previous company Eide Marine Services AS. This leads to further need of labor at… View Article —10. February - 2017

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