Health, Safety, and Environmental issues have always been taken care of in a successful operation. Eide Marine Logistics believes that accidents are preventable. The risk of incidents causing injuries to personnel, unintended impact to the environment or damage to assets shall therefore always be assessed in project planning and operational phases.

Our ability to continuously improve the quality of our services will be the basis of safeguarding Health, Safety, and Environment.

We are committed to:

– Comply with prevailing and relevant HSE laws and regulations wherever we operate
– Develop goals and programs which aim to continuously improve activities influencing on HSE
– Assessing HSE risks in planning and in operational phases
– Encourage key suppliers and contractors to develop and improve HSE philosophy
– Monitor activities, and measure and analyse the results to verify whether management systems are appropriate, and in accordance with our policy
– Develop programs for limiting emission and counteract spill of chemicals to the sea
– Encourage to a reduction in use of harmful chemicals, and choose environmental friendly alternatives when appropriate
– Continuously  develop and improve our environmental management system by developing goals and environmental  programs, and regularly revise it in order to measure its suitability